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new customers

Please contact us to discuss your project needs. If our products are the right fit, we will ask you to complete and return our New Customer Form which includes contact information and credit reference information.

A purchase order is required for every order placed with RW Foster Concrete Products, LLC. before production may begin.

contact us today to receive a quote for your projectQuoted pricing will be valid for 30 days. Please be sure to return signed quote with a purchase order to guarantee the pricing quoted. Pricing quoted will be for a full pallet per size. Due to our streamlined, efficient and cost effective production process, orders for less than a pallet per size will not be accepted.

Prices are based on current costs. Therefore, prices are subject to change without notice due to the rising cost of raw materials and other direct costs beyond our control.

freight & Shipping

All freight charges will be the customers responsibility.


When production of your order nears completion, we will provide you with an anticipated ship date, pallet dimensions and estimated load weight. Please schedule the pickup of your order with your preferred logistics carrier. Please email us a confirmation of the requested pick-up date, time frame and a copy of the bill of lading. If you do not have a preferred carrier, please let us know and we will be happy to assist.

invoices & payments

We are always grateful for your business. We ask that you please pay your invoice promptly. We do assess a 2 % late fee against all invoices that are not paid within the terms extended to your company.

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